This song will never stop being meaningful.

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Do you not regret or feel bad for cheating on them?


Them? It was only 1 of them. But not really. And here’s why. The girl I was dating is not someone I should’ve been dating. And I think we both knew that. We basically acted like friends who sometimes kiss. And once I figured out that that’s all we would ever be, I got really annoyed and other reasons too but it’s long. So yeah.

How often do you tell her you love her?


like all the time. probably at least once an hour. just randomly. it sounds weird but i doubt im exaggerating. if you could look through my texts i could for sure prove it lol

Z: where and when was your last hickey?


saturday, and they are on my neck but below the neckline of my tshirt so you cant see them unless my shirt is off (which is the point)

Have you ever cheated on Laura, Char, Taylor, Julia, or your current gf?


one of those 5 i have cheated on, yes.